Security officers are frequently involved in situations that are rapidly evolving, physically challenging, and emotionally stressful, requiring split-second decision making and possibly the use of physical force.  The objective of this course is to provide security professionals with the education to determine when to and when not to use force, and when deciding to use force to do so in an appropriate and reasonable manner. The course focuses on decision making designed to limit your exposure to claims of excessive and unnecessary uses of force and as a result, avoid litigation and criminal charges. 

This course provides discussion on the legal foundations for lawful use-of-force by security officers and non-sworn personnel.  We will explore the elements of use-of-force in self-defense and lawful arrest situations from the perspective of security personnel.  Students will discuss the process from making the decision to use force to the post-incident investigation and criminal and civil processes. 

Use-of-force for Security Officers focuses on security officer (non-sworn) use-of-force utilizing guidance from law enforcement based federal case law, state statutes, administrative law, case law, and organization policy.  Participants will review and examine various deadly force and non-deadly force incidents to determine if the force used was necessary, reasonable, proportional, and in compliance with organization policy, local regulations and laws.

Students will learn how to research the self-defense, use-of-force, and private citizen (security) arrest laws for their jurisdiction.  They will then examine these laws and overlay them against their current practices to determine if their policies and actions are in compliance with the requirements for innocence, imminence, proportionality, avoidance, and reasonableness. 

Students will practice reporting and documenting their use force by writing reports and providing statements that explain the situation they were involved in, their decision to use force, and the appropriateness, proportionality, and reasonableness of their actions.

The course will utilize the VTI sample use-of-force policy as the foundation for discussions and demonstrations.

 This one day course is available for closed (in-house) and open enrollment.  


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