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Retained in matters involving:

Bars and Nightclub Security
• False Arrest
• Security Guard Conduct
Firearm Training and Handling
• Batons, Defensive Tactics and Chemical Sprays (Pepper Spray)
• Contract Security Operations
• Alcohol Service
• Handcuffing Tactics and Application
• Shootings
• Alarm and CCTV related issues
• Workplace Violence
• Security Training

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Steven T. Baker CPP, PSP, PCI

Mr. Baker provides Expert Witness and Forensic Security Consulting services to attorneys involved in premises security litigation. Steve investigates and opines on crime foresee ability, standard of care, training, use-of-force, policy and procedures and causation.

Steven has been accepted by Nevada’s 8th District Court as an expert in security.

Retained equally by both plaintiff and defense counsel Steve has successfully assisted clients in reaching favorable resolution to their litigation issues.

Steve's Certifications

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Steven T. Baker provides consultation and testimony on the reasonable use of force by security personnel and civilians. Civilians and security may become involved in situations (shootings, brandishing, threats with weapons, excessive force, false arrest, false imprisonment), where the reasonableness and legality of their actions are challenged. Claims of excessive force, negligent security, assault, battery, occur often in instances involving the use of less-lethal and deadly force. Review of actions taken, firearm use, standard of care, and the education of the expert provide the foundation for determining the reasonableness of each parties’ actions. We review the incident and opine based on local law, training standards, and the reasonableness of the use of force under the circumstances and conditions of the incident.

As in instructor-trainer (Master Instructor) in firearms, and less lethal devices (pepper spray, expandable baton, defensive tactics, handcuffing) and instructor in TASER conducted energy devices Mr. Baker has a practical and academic basis in the use of deadly and less-lethal devices by civilians and security personnel.  His experience teaching arrest-and-detention and use-of-force allow him to opine on not only proper use of the tool or tactic utilized, but whether the actions were reasonable under the circumstances of the incident.

Mr. Baker has over 30 years of use of force and firearm experience in the private sector including armed security, executive protection, training civilians and security officers.  He has attended numerous firearm and use of force related training courses including security firearm training, tactical firearm, close quarters battle, concealed carry, force-on-force training, use-of-force, and legal updates.

Steve has the following use-of-force related certifications and training:

Use of Deadly Force Instructor - Massad Ayoob
Force Science Institute Basics Program - Force Science Institute
Law of Self Defense Core Program – Andrew Branca
Shooting Reconstruction Course - Forensic Pieces

Security Firearm Instructor
NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor: Handgun and Shotgun
State of Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board
State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
State of Arizona Department of Public Safety
Defense Tactics International Affiliate Instructor - John Farnum

NRA Training Counselor (Instructor Trainer)
Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home
Chief Range Safety Officer

Concealed Carry Instructor

Instructor Trainer
Defensive Tactics (includes healthcare module)
Pepper Spray Defense
Handcuffing Tactics
Defense Baton
Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB)
AVADE Workplace Violence Prevention
AVADE Active Shooter

Instructor Certifications
Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS) Instructor
Monadnock Basic and Advanced (MEB) Baton Instructor
California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Certificate Instructor
NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor
Prevention of In-Custody Death Instructor
Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor (VDI)

Nightclub, Casino and Hotel Security Expert

As a security practitioner I have worked and trained in many of the top tourism and entertainment locations in the United States.  I have worked as security at bars and nightclubs in Michigan, Las Vegas, and Chicago. My experienced ranges from 3-star business properties to 5-star five-diamond luxury properties.

My hands-on experience in the beverage service, entertainment and hospitality industries combined with academic research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in Alcohol Server Interventions and training hospitality and nightlife security personnel provide a unique and diverse background in these industries. As an instructor with Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) I was further able to train and interact with bartenders, servers, clerks and security staff and discuss concerns and issues with alcohol service from the server’s perspective as well as the training and legislative perspectives.

Hotels, bars, casinos nightclubs, and entertainment venues are places where there are people, activities, entertainment, and many times alcohol. The interactions between customers and sometimes the interaction between customer and staff can result in allegations of fights, assaults, theft, and sexual misconduct.

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) publication Assaults in and Around Bars, 2nd Edition states:

The proliferation of bars in many communities has led to increases in assaults in and around the bars. While many, if not most, of these are alcohol-related, assaults also occur when neither the aggressors nor the victims have been drinking.

  • Most assaults occur on weekend nights
  • The majority of assaults occur at a relatively small number of places
  • Not all assaults involve a simple fistfight with a clear beginning and ending; instead, the incidents are often more ambiguous and complicated. For example, some are intermittent conflicts that flare up over time, some evolve into different incidents, and many involve participants who alternate between the roles of aggressor and peacemaker, often drawing additional people into the incident
  • Some involve lower levels of aggression (pushing, shoving), some involve more-severe violence (kicking, punching), and still others involve the use of weapons.

Issues discussed in the POP Guide are also included in the Safer Bars program develop by Kathryn Graham. Dr. Graham states the programs goal is to prevent violence from occurring in and around alcohol service establishments and to prevent the escalation of violence should it occur.

Training programs such as Safer Bars and Techniques of Alcohol management are an excellent source for training materials for staff in bars and nightclubs. Understanding the mindset of patrons, effects of alcohol on behavior, identifying signs of intoxication and aggression, utilizing de-escalation verbal skills, and applying server interventions to reduce conflict are all essential skills for those working with the public in an alcohol service environment.

Alcohol service and security standards vary by jurisdiction and by the type of establishment. The standard of care for a small neighborhood bar may differ significantly from a mega nightclub in the same jurisdiction. Two nightclubs in different jurisdictions may also have significantly different standards of alcohol service and security. There are numerous variables in determining the standard of care for an establishment and to determine if the venue operator met or exceeded those standards.

Hotels utilize the standard of reasonableness when developing their guest safety and security standards. Hotels by nature are places where people come to spend the night or several nights. Hotels frequently have bars, restaurants, amenities such as pools and jacuzzies, and most of all they have multiple separate living modules where once inside the privacy of the guest becomes paramount. Today's hotelier is challenged by the desire to provide guests with a positive stay at their establishment and the need to implement reasonable security features and controls to mitigate the risk of harm to their guests and employees. Adding to the challenge is that many of the guests are away from home and are not familiar with local customs, risky areas, and may be at a lower level of situational awareness do to a vacation mindset.

Understanding the operation of the venue, the duties of staff, the actions of the various parties, and the standard of care for the venue allow for an in-depth analysis and opinion on the issues raised during litigation.

Please call Steven Baker at (800) 887-3324 to discuss your bar, nightclub, casino, hotel and entertainment venue, security cases.

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