Guest Safety and Security

Hotels utilize the standard of reasonableness when developing their guest safety and security standards. Hotels by nature are places where people come to spend the night or several nights.

Hotels frequently have bars, restaurants, amenities such as pools and hot tubs, and most of all they have multiple separate living modules where once inside the privacy of the guest becomes paramount.

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Mitigate Risks of Harm

Today’s hotelier is challenged by the desire to provide guests with a positive stay at their establishment and the need to implement reasonable security features and controls to mitigate the risk of harm to their guests and employees. Adding to the challenge is that many of the guests are away from home and are not familiar with local customs, risky areas, and may be at a lower level of situational awareness do to a vacation mindset.
Understanding the operation of the venue, the duties of staff, the actions of the various parties, and the standard of care for the venue allow for an in-depth analysis and opinion on the issues raised during litigation.
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