Tennessee Enhanced CCW Courses will be offered in 2022. 

This course provides the required classroom training and firearm proficiency qualification required by the State of Tennessee) for students applying for a Tennessee Enhanced Concealed Firearm Permit. 

Class Duration
The course is 8 hours long and includes classroom, range proficiency, and qualification.

• Basic proficiency with a handgun (see below)
• Minimum age 21

Subjects discussed
• Firearm Safety
• Concealed carry law
• Where you can carry and where carry is prohibited
• Use force and deadly force
• Legal implications of use of force or deadly force
• Tennessee weapons laws
• Nonviolent dispute resolution

Proficiency Requirements
Concealed Carry courses do not provide basic firearm instruction. Students must be able to demonstrate, via range qualification, that they can safely manipulate and accurately fire a handgun.
Students are expected to be able to safely operate their handguns and possess basic gun handling and marksmanship skills.

Please consider our Basic Pistol Course for marksmanship and gun handling instruction.

Proficiency Skills
• loading and unloading the firearm
• safe gun handling
• marksmanship with the capability to accurately fire the handgun under time restraints
• general firearm safety and range etiquette

After the Class
Submit your application

Mandatory Course Equipment
• Semi-automatic handgun or revolver (unloaded and cased) .32 caliber or larger 
• Baseball cap
• Safety glasses (loaners available)
• Ear protection that covers your ears (loaners available)
• Footwear that entirely covers both feet (no sandals or high heels)
• 100 rounds of commercially produced ammunition NO RELOADED or HAND LOADED ammunition

Range Proficiency Course of Fire

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