Utah Concealed Firearms Course (CCW)

If you live in a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Utah then you must possess a current State of Residence CCW to participate in this course.

Residency is established by your state-issued identification. If your state does not recognize the Utah permit, this does not apply. Please contact us for additional information.

Possessing permits from multiple states provides the benefit of maximizing the number of jurisdictions where you may lawfully carry a handgun concealed.  

Course Description

This course provides the necessary training required to apply for the UTAH CCW permit.

This course is approximately five hours and covers Utah CCW law and procedures.

Utah courses do not require live fire qualification. It is not necessary to bring firearms or ammunition to the course.  

In this class we focus on the laws of self-defense and best practices in self-defense.

Course Requirements

Students will need to obtain passport photographs and fingerprints from a third party provider.  

Utah charges a fee to obtain for their permit. Currently the fee is $52.00 for Utah Residents and $62.00 for non-residents of Utah.  

You will have to provide a completed fingerprint card, photograph, and notarized application.  These items will cost approximately $20.00.

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