Handcuffing Tactics™ Instructor Course

Course Description

Handcuffing Tactics™ graduates will be certified for 3-years as an In-house Instructor Personal Safety Training Inc.  

Instructors are not allowed to teach outside their agency or on an open enrollment basis.

The Handcuffing Instructor Course authorizes students to train and certify their security staff in:

  • Handcuffing Tactics Basic Course-4 hour (standard and modular format)
  • Handcuffing Tactics Basic Re-certification Course

This course is one day in length and discusses the following:

  • Introduction to Handcuffing Tactics
  • Defensive Tactics Fundamentals
  • Handcuffing Nomenclature
  • Proper placement, Fit & Position
  • Handcuffing Positioning and Approach
  • Standing Handcuffing
  • Kneeling Handcuffing
  • Prone Handcuffing
  • One Arm Takedown
  • Use-of-Force and Self-Defense
  • Tips and Warnings
  • Post Incident Response and Documentation

The Handcuffing Tactics™ Instructor package includes:

  • Handcuffing Tactics™ Instructor manual

  • Upon Course Completion the student will have access to the instructor portal for:

  • PowerPoint presentation of Tactics™ 4hr. and modular training courses

  • VIDEOS of Handcuffing Tactics™ Techniques

  • Handcuffing Tactics™ Student Handouts and Training Forms

  • Continuing Support from VTI Associates and Personal Safety Training

Course Requirements

Length: One day

Enrollment: Security or related profession

Pre-Requisites: Security or related profession

Cost Individual:  $397.00 Course fee includes instructor handbook

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