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Course Description

Baton students will be certified for 3-years as an Instructor upon completion of the course. 

The Baton Instructor Course authorizes students to train and certify their security staff in:

  • Baton Instructor’s can deliver the Basic Course in either standard one-day or modular options.
  • Baton Instrurctors can certify and re-certify students in the Basic Course Baton Basic Re-certification Course

This course is one day in length and discusses the following:

  • Introduction
  • Baton Awareness
  • Use-of-Force
  • Baton Nomenclature
  • Baton Fundamentals
  • Blocking Techniques
  • Baton Strikes
  • Baton Retention

Baton Instructor package includes: 

  • Baton Instructor manual

  • PowerPoint presentation for Basic Course 

  • Student Handouts and Training Forms

  • Continuing Support from VTI Associates

Course Requirements

Length: One day

Enrollment: Security or related profession

Pre-Requisites: Security or related profession

Cost Individual:  $300.00 Course fee includes instructor handbook

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