Security Handgun Course


Security Handgun Course

Course Description

This 16-hour course is required by NRS/NAC 648 for any person who carries a firearm in the performance of their duties while employed by a licensed security or private investigation, repossession, or process server company.  

This course is accepted by many gaming properties and private employers for training their armed security staff.

The course is nine hours in the classroom and seven hours on the range.

This course requires both classroom instruction and live-fire on the range.  

PILB regulated students must bring a referral form from a Nevada licensed security or investigative company in order to attend the course.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will receive a certificate of course completion.  

The PILB will process the student’s application and issue an armed authorization card.

Students from non-regulated departments (gaming, private employers) will receive a course completion certificate and a six-month qualification card issued by VTI.

Topics include:

  • How to safely carry your firearm on and off duty
  • Laws of arrest
  • Use-of-force and Self-Defense
  • Use-of-force decision-making
  • Permit maintenance-You MUST qualify with your duty gun every six months

Equipment Required:

  • Each PILB student must bring a current “armed” or “unarmed” or work card

  • Each PILB student must bring a completed state employment verification form

(original Qualified Manager Signature-no photocopies or stamps)

  • Student must bring their own firearm and duty gun belt w/keepers, duty holster, and magazine/speed loader pouches/carriers

  • Semi-auto users must bring at least 3 magazines

  • Revolvers users must bring at least 2 speed loaders

  • Each student requires 300 of rounds of factory ammunition. No Reloads

  • Knee pads are recommended, but not required

Course Requirements

Length: 2 days (16 hours)

Enrollment: PILB security, Gaming Security, and Approved private employer security staff

Pre-Requisites: PILB must have permanent work-card. All others based on approval


$250 Course fee includes range fees, targets and handouts.

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