Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard


Scott is firearm Instructor based in Nevada.   

His career in Law Enforcement spanned 25 years and included working for the Ashland County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff, Las Vegas City Department of Detention as a Corrections Officer, Boulder City Police Department as a Police Officer/Detective and the North Las Vegas Police Department as a Rangemaster/Armorer.

Currently Scott is part of our Las Vegas based firearm training team.  

He is the Chief of Training for the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City, Nevada where he has volunteered as an instructor since 1995.

Scott has been a firearms instructor since 1988, teaching both Police Officers and civilians. He has attended numerous firearms classes offered by Nevada POST, Gunsight, Thunder Ranch, Defense Tactics International and the Yavapai Firearms Academy.

Scott has instructed several Nevada POST Police Academy and Rangemaster schools and has been a Nevada CCW instructor since 1995.  

He holds NRA certifications for Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO), handgun, personal protection inside and outside the home.

Working with VTI, Scott has trained private security Officers in range operations and firearms.

Scott has a BS degree from the University of North Dakota in Criminal Justice and has been an armorer for the following weapons systems; Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield XD, Remington 870, H&K USP and MP 5, and the  Colt AR 15/M 16 sys